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Herbert Brothers Racing welcomes you to the tribute to the Pink Panther late model stock car from 1977

In 1977 Herbert & Schaeffer Racing built a late model stock car to run at Grandview Speedway using a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. The car won seven features that year. Since 1979 the car was sold a few times and the current location is unknown. In 2009 Tom Herbert, the driver, found a very used 1969 Camaro and an idea was born. Since this car is in too bad of condition to restore as a road worthy car, it is good enough to use to build a tribute to the Camaro stock car of the late seventies. This is the story of the re-building of that car.
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The original car after a feature win at Grandview Speedway.
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If anyone has movies of racing at Grandview from the late 70's that included this car we would like to discuss getting a copy. Click on the Contact Us button to let us know.
Herbert Brothers Racing wins
Best of Show and Best Restored Car
at the 2012 Reading Fairgrounds Racing Reunion

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Reading Racing Reunion
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Tom Herbert
November 17, 1949 - October 15, 2013
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Tom has lost his battle with cancer. I cannot express how much he will be missed.
Thanks to everyone for you kind words.
                                                                                                                  Gary Herbert